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Parts of Prague

Prague 9


New housing to the joy of young families

The city district of Prague 9, which underwent large-scale construction before 1989, is attempting to provide its residents with the best possible quality housing. Further services, shopping opportunities, relaxation parks for leisure activities and children’s playgrounds are appearing here. Apart from the industrial development and a busy centre, the outskirts of this location offer tranquillity and relatively fresh air as is possible within the boundaries throughout Prague. Prague 9 is decidedly one of the city districts which thanks to its strategic location, is a frequent focus of development companies. Apartments of property development projects, appreciated by the public and experts alike, offer a wonderful view not only of the surrounding area, but all of Prague.

The advantages of housing on the outskirts of Prague that has easy access to transport and above all is close to the metro is appreciated by young families looking for modern affordable housing.