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With our extensive relocation experience, we realise the importance of personal care to assure a smooth transition to your new home and neighbourhood. Having inspected thousands of properties over the past 21 years, we know how to identify the perfect rental property best suited to your budget and lifestyle.

Our Reviews

Společnost V.I.P Homes s.r.o. spolupracuje s firmou PEUGEOT ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA s.r.o. již řadu let a její služby byly vždy na vysoké úrovni a k naší plné spokojenosti. Já osobně jsem měl možnost strávit v České republice čtyři roky, které byly i díky společnosti V.I.P Homes roky přijemnými a které budou krásnou vzpomínkou jak pro mne, tak i pro celou moji rodinu.

— Michel Schotman

Generální ředitel PEUGEOT Česká republika

Doreen and I are very grateful for all the help you gave us during our search for a home in Prague. Your services are truly customer oriented and we will be very happy to recommend your company to our friend and colleagues.

— Jose Sedano

Die Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Prag arbeitet seit 1991 mit Frau Maria Mihinová vom Maklerbüro V.I.P Homes zusammen. Etwa 50 % der an die Botschaft versetzten Mitarbeiter finden durch dieses Maklerbüro eine Wohnung bzw. ein Haus. Frau Mihinová, die gut Deutsch spricht, zeichnet sich durch Professionalität, Freundlichkeit und Engagement aus; sie ist auch nach Abschlub eines Mietvertrages zuverlässiger Gesprächspartner, wenn es um die Lösung eventueller Probleme aus dem Vertragsverhältnis geht.

— Manfred Rogetzky

Kanzler I. Klasse

Karin was extremely thorough in helping us find a flat that suited our needs. She was professional and helpful in our negotiations with the owner and aided us in completing the moving process to the very last step.

— Melissa Nash Hunt

Coming from Dubai, we screening the market in Prague, looking for a house with specific requirements for our family. After screening the market we asked support to Karin, who attended us with a very high-standard. Was effective and took care of all the process. The interaction with her was easy, fast and effective. The owner of the house was making some renovations, and we needed to get everything ready by 3 weeks as we would arrive by that date. Karin took care of all these to ensure everything was perfectly prepared for our landing, as it was. Even the minimum details we were spoken about were perfectly in place... Definitely I recommend going through the research with her, as makes everything seem quite simple.

— Jose Maria Fernandez

Associate Director Europe, Middle East & Asia, NEORIS