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Parts of Prague

Prague 8


The new face of Karlín

You just need to walk through the main street of Karlín or along the Karlín embankment of this district with its important industrial and literary past: the former factories and production halls have long since stopped fulfilling their purpose and have been replaced by luxury residential buildings with dozens of new apartments, shops and offices. A specific feature of Prague 8 is administrative complexes which are linked to many services and have today transformed Karlín into a modern quarter. Today it is now the home of reputable companies, studios, designer shops, coffee shops and restaurants offering various types world cuisine.

Without a doubt, the flagship of the most modern part of Karlín is the residential project which bears the name River Diamond. This unique place for housing with a view of a water body, Japanese style gardens with stone sculptures and gushing fountains, meets the expectations of the most demanding clients interested in living in this city district. Not even Rohanský ostrov (Rohan Island) will be overlooked which will complete the existing development with a green space and promenades and a lookout tower with a beacon.

Old Karlín with its many sensitively reconstructed industrial monuments, imposing tenements, excellent transport links, rich cultural setting of clubs and theatres is an ideal location which has the ambition of becoming the new centre of modern Prague.